So you may be wondering what exactly Guaranteed Fresh IP Address means and what does it have to do with the cool lime picture above. It’s actually very simple and no it has nothing to do with the lime, but you must admit it does make for some pretty cool aesthetics. Guaranteed Fresh IP Address is a new product add-on that is now available to be added on to our dedicated ip plans, by simply checking the box to opt-in during the checkout process.

By doing so we guarantee you that the dedicated ip address that you will be issued is a fresh ip address which means that it is an ip address that we have never issued to any other customers. So not only will you receive an ip address that only you will have access to but it will be an ip with a clean slate. So what’s so special about that you may ask?

Great Question! But in return let me ask you a question first, are you an online seller that is losing money because you’ve been unfairly suspended from sites like amazon, ebay, or paypal?  Then this is your chance to get back on your feet and get right back on those sites! I know your pain, one moment you’re making a comfortable living online selling goods and services through popular selling platforms such as amazon and ebay and then the next moment you come to find out that you’ve been suspended. It can be devastating, especially if your income relies heavily on it.

But you’ve come to the right place and I have great news for you! One of the toughest obstacles suspended users face when trying to register a new account and start selling again is changing their ip address. If you’ve been suspended and you want to get back on its essential that you change your ip address.  Now as you probably know a VPN is a great tool and very easy way to change your ip address in a matter of seconds. Not only is it a great tool to change your ip address but it makes it even easier to manage multiple stealth amazon, ebay, paypal accounts. Because you can have multiple VPNs all with their own unique ip addresses for each one of your accounts, easily and readily available.

Sounds easy enough right? But wait! What you may not know is that the majority of people that turn to VPNs to get back on these sites to start selling again, will get suspended again within a matter of days. Why? It’s actually very simple, most of these people will use the big name vpn companies that will issue them ip addresses that hundreds if not thousands of other users have already used. Meaning that the chance that one of the prior users of the vpn has already used it for amazon, ebay, or paypal is very high. So what does that mean for you? It basically means that you probably will end up paying for a new ip address that is also already banned from amazon, ebay, or paypal. Then afterwards you’re asking yourself, why did I waste money for something I already have, a banned ip.

24vc solves that problem, by taking the guess work out of it. Next time you’re in need of a dedicated ip address, get one of our guaranteed fresh ip addresses! Stop wasting your time and money on suspended ip addresses, go the smart route, go the guaranteed route!

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