Softether Troubleshooting Steps

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If your trying to connect to your 24vc VPN using Softether and are having trouble getting connected, then this is the post for you! Most errors on Softether can usually be fixed extremely easily. Please try each of the following steps below individually until the problem is resolved:

Steps for Troubleshooting Softether Software

1. Make sure where it says Virtual Hub Name, you enter your ip address. It should not say “DEFAULT”

2. Your Username should not have an @ in it, for example if your username is [email protected] then you would put only 65321086

3. Underneath where it says Virtual Network Adapter, right click on your adapter and click Reinstall Driver.

4. Close the software than right click on the icon of the software and click “Run as Administrator”. Then Reinstall the Driver again and click Add VPN Connection, the only fields you should change are Host Name, Virtual Hub Name, Username, and Password.

Hopefully one of these steps has resolved the issue you were having with Softether and you have now successfully connected to the VPN, but if after following these steps the problem persists please open a support ticket with our tech team, for additional assistance.

Need help? 24vc has you covered! VPN Tutorials

By ||VPN Troubleshooting|

24vc is happy to announce the official release of our fully redesigned tutorials page. Featuring full step by step guides on how to setup our VPN on all major operating systems. Also to make the instructions even easier to follow we’ve included screenshots for each step of the way. And what about if you want to skip the tutorials? Well then don’t worry we have you covered! Our custom software can be downloaded below, simply enter your username and password and you’re ready to go!

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