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If our customers succeed, we succeed!

By ||24vc Advice|

One of the most common questions we get here at 24vc is:

“But how do I know for sure that the ip address given to me is truly guaranteed fresh?!”

That’s a great question! And the answer is quite simple, you see it’s in our best interest as a company to make sure we give you a guaranteed fresh ip address, when you order one. But why? Because the longer your ebay, paypal, and amazon accounts stay active and the more money you make, the more money we make. It’s really that simple, for example if your seller accounts get limited than you obviously have no incentive to keep renewing your vpn accounts. So we would actually lose money if we didn’t give you guaranteed fresh ip addresses.

So in fact our whole business motto is to actually help you in every way possible and make sure your seller accounts stay up and running and make you as much money as possible. Because the more money you make, the more we make; now that’s what you call having your customer’s best interest at heart!

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Server Upgrade scheduled

By ||24vc News|

12/28 – Update: The server upgrade is now complete and you should now notice a significant improvement in performance when you visit 24vc.com.


We will be performing a server upgrade for our website on Saturday the 27th of December. The upgrade will start at around 12PM EST and wil be completed by 2PM EST. However, the DNS records may take up to 48 hours to fully update, so the website may experience some extended downtime during this period. After the upgrade is complete you should notice a significant improvement in our website’s overall performance and speed.

2014 was an amazing year for 24vc and we would like to thank you all for your continued business and support, hope you all enjoy the holidays!

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24vc now accepts Bitcoin

By ||24vc News|

We’re happy to announce that we now accept Bitcoin as a payment method, in addition to Credit Cards, PayPal, and Western Union. Bitcoin is a decentralized P2P currency that enables instant payments anonymously and securely. It has no central authority, so managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the P2P network.


Need help? 24vc has you covered! VPN Tutorials

By ||VPN Troubleshooting|

24vc is happy to announce the official release of our fully redesigned tutorials page. Featuring full step by step guides on how to setup our VPN on all major operating systems. Also to make the instructions even easier to follow we’ve included screenshots for each step of the way. And what about if you want to skip the tutorials? Well then don’t worry we have you covered! Our custom software can be downloaded below, simply enter your username and password and you’re ready to go!

VPN Tutorials: http://24vc.com/tutorials

24vc Software: http://24vc.com/guide?v=software

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